VOCEVERSA a cappella vocal group was constituted in Biella (a small town in Piedmont, north-western Italy) in 2002.
It was born from the meeting of people who were already active in the town's choral scene, which is quite motley and rich and counts about twenty choirs.
Passing by various changes of crew, the group comes to the present configuration of eight male voices:

  • Carlo Cavagna (basso)
  • Alessandro Oliaro (basso)
  • Carlo Maffei (basso)
  • Simone Bocca (baritono)
  • Lorenzo Marchesi (tenore)
  • Alberto Servo (controtenore)
  • Giacomo Marchesi (controtenore)
  • Mauro Fosci (controtenore)

Since 2005 to 2007 the group increased its number of components to eight with Andrea Pilati and later (in 2008), due to temporary repertoire needs, VOCEVERSA had the collaboration of sopranos Akiko Yonezawa and Daniela Bocca. From early 2017, the tenor Roberto Marinone left the group.


VOCEVERSA's repertoire covers a timeline which starts in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance to arrive to the present day and touches varied styles and cultures, without forgetting the traditional and the popular music, which is the common root of the VOCEVERSA components' early choral experience.
Also, the group's activity includes the study of vocal techniques in order to increase each single voice's sound quality and, on the other hand, to build a good fusion of them during the group's performances.


As above reported, VOCEVERSA a cappella vocal group takes shape between 2002 and 2003 but starts its concert activity in August 2004 at Frasso, a small mountain village in Piedmont.
In the same year VOCEVERSA collaborated to the theater representation "007 Opera-zione Bond-a" organized by the Biella cultural association "Ars Teatrando".
The group has also participated in Biella, to the celebrations of Italian Touring Club 110th foundation anniversary and started its binding with Camburzano, small town where are living two of its components, with a concert in San Martino church, once again in collaboration with "Ars Teatrando".

During 2005, the vocal group participates to the XXXIII edition of the prestigious international Choral Festival in Mel (BL) organized by the Corale Zumellese and the same year in July is in Lubeck (Germany) at the Schleswig-Holstein-Musikfestival attending a materclass for vocal groups directed by the world famous King's Singers, together with other vocal groups coming from all over Europe.

In 2006 VOCEVERSA go for the first time to Miskolc, Hungary at the XVII Miskolci Kamarakorus Fesztival. In that occasion their concert at the Bela Bartok Music Hall has been broadcasted by Hungarian national station Magyar Radio.
The group goes to Miskolc also one year later in 2007 and in this occasion has the chance to perform during the final concert at the Miskolc Minoritas Templom. In the same year, consolidating a durable artistic friendship, VOCEVERSA and A.R.S. Teatrando are performing in several places "Ti scrivo, e canto..." a show in which music and theater merge together.

In 2007-2008 the group deepens its vocal technique research with Mod.A.I. Institute, following the Functional Singing method and performing in seminars organized by the institute.

In 2008-2009 VOCEVERSA and ARS Teatrando are again together on stage with "Concerto Sconcerto" which is represented, among other places, at Roncegno Terme (TN) in the wonderful Concert Hall placed inside the thermal plant, and in the tiny Regina Margherita theater at Piedicavallo (BI).

Between the end of spring and summer 2008, the group has recorded its first CD simply titled VOCEVERSA. Inside this work can be found the main pieces that were in the ensemble's repertoire since the very beginning, as a tribute to the work done and to the several pleasant moments spent together.
Recordings have been performed in the church of "Santa Maria Assunta" at Bioglio (BI)

In March 2010 VOCEVERSA go for the third time in Hungary at Miskolci Kamarakorus Fesztival, and participate to concerts organized for the musical summer seasons at Finale Ligure (SV) and Agordo (TN). In the same year they participate to Mel's International Choral Festival which has among other participants the fantastic Philippine Madrigal Singers.

In July 2011 the group participates to the 50th edition of the Seghizzi Choral International Contest in Gorizia, winning the Feniarco special award as the group with the highest grade among the Italians and placing themselves in the third places' lanes in their categories.

During 2012, the group, participated to a workshop organized in Perugia, conducted by Philip Lawson, composer, arranger and above all for about 20 years King's Singers' first baritone; then, in 2015, organize a new workshop with Stephen Pharam-Conolly, historical bass of the english vocal sextet.

VOCEVERSA since long time collaborate with Biella ARS Teatrando theater group with whom they have staged two shows, by titles "Ti scrivo e canto" and "Concerto Sconcerto", hilarious blend of acting and a cappella singing, represented in 2012 at the Congress Palace's concert hall in Lugano (Switzerland), coming to a good success of critics and audience.

In May 2013, the ensemble attended to a masterclass held by the vocal group of Alti & Bassi, and in September the vocal group has participated in the International Festival Concordia Vocis (Cagliari). In June 2016, IV edition of the RICHVJ - Rencontres Internationales de Choeurs d'Hommes, in Brassus and Sentier (CH).

In December 2013 Voceversa released new album "#2".

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